What We’re all about

“We started with a customer wanting to put speakers into a chair. We found this amusing, but decided to try to please him. To our surprise it was intriguing enough to continue. The rest is history… “

Our Mission:

“To produce the experience of high end audio in affordable and unique products. “

Why the Mission?

Music transcends the physical world and links us to deep emotional and spiritual places in ways nothing else can accomplish.

From the majestic symphonies to soothing instrumental melodies and sounds, the experience intended by the artists and performers can be shaded and changed by the type and quality of the products used for reproduction.

Our goal is to reproduce the intent of the original performance of the artist in a way which is as neutral and accurate as possible. This goal is a common one among high end audio companies,and much value has been exchanged for accomplishing this end. Because we love music and want to share it with others, we strive to meet this goal with as little expense as possible.

We have been given a design, through inspiration, that meets and exceeds our desires and aspirations. As in many areas of invention, it is not necessarily the discovery of completely new innovations that can bring new ways of doing things, but the application of existing ideas in a way that has not been done before. In our case, the design we imagined was dismissed as not being able to work by engineers that we consulted. Fortunately for us, and our customers, we did not accept such a verdict. We were determined to pursue the idea, especially as we did not take credit for the inspiration, and honored it as a gift.

As you explore our offerings you will understand more about the unfolding of our journey, but the value cannot really be appreciated apart from the experience of closing your eyes and letting the artist communicate their creations. All we can offer is our assurance you will not be disappointed in your decision to purchase.

At Fyssion Audio Co we build better speakers

When you shop for a high end speaker, it is common to hear from the “experts”, “what kind of music do you mostly listen to?” This is important because different speakers are designed to present different styles of music. One way for classical, another for rock and roll, another for jazz, etc. Our speakers do justice to all venues of music, even old 50’s, 60’s, and 70’s recordings.

At Fyssion, our patented design avoids crossovers and air volume requirements, enabling unique cabinet designs and a seamless, transparent presentation. With conventional speaker designs, the speaker becomes another member of the musical group you are listening to. When listening to Fyssion Audio Co speakers, they simply disappear and offer the music as it was meant to be heard.