What is ARIA?

The (A)udio (R)ecovery (I)maging (A)mplifier speaker design is a new way of getting the most out of your sound media.

A newly patented technology, ARIA is a hybrid design employing internal mechanical and electrical diaphragms that boosts an audio speaker’s performance level beyond its normal limits with ease.

The result is like a veil being removed; higher degrees of clarity and transparency are revealed. ARIA’s design creates a very large, yet rich full detailed image with a 3-dimensional quality.

Unfortunately for other speaker manufacturers, the ARIA design is exclusively built into Fyssion Audio Co Speakers per matching cabinet to speaker specifications. This type of audio speaker augmentation could eventually benefit all audio speaker products.


A Small Footprint: Huge sound from a small enclosure, naturally. A product of this technology is the reduction of air volume requirements used in “normal” formulas for enclosure design, thus less size in the finished cabinets. Enhanced image presence. This means that more audio detail is reaching the listener and an extended and larger sound stage.

Ultra High Resolution Audio: The ARIA design amplifies all source recordings, details of the music normally lost to the listener due to room acoustics are recovered with new energy and depth. This is especially true of older mono recordings. The result is an adventure for the listener of rediscovery of all their favorite artists sounding new and fresh.

No More Sweet Spot and Fussy Set-up: AIRIA’s off axis design ensures a very tall and wide soundstage. The image is so large there is no loss of detail whether sitting, standing or moving from side to side. Listening now can be a shared experience among friends and family. Place the ARIA’s about 8 feet apart and enjoy listening. With ARIA speakers the days of complex speaker set up to find the one meter “sweet spot” are gone, set up is easy and very forgiving.