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“Wow, I was impressed!”

John Gatski

John Gatski has been evaluating consumer, audiophile, home cinema and professional audio gear since 1988. In 1995, he created Pro Audio Review, and he has written for Audio, Laserviews, Enjoy The Music, The Audiophile Voice, High Performance Review, Radio World and TV Technology.

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“It didn’t take long to learn that Fyssion is looking to attack the audio world from a different angle, with speaker designs that certainly buck convention.”

Todd Anderson

Todd Anderson is an adminstrator, editor and reviewer from Home Theater Shack. He took time to write up a fantastic review of the Dignity 4s.

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“Simply amazing!”

Tom Bryant

If you close your eyes and listen, you’d swear you were out in the woods listening to real birds sing or at a cocktail party with music playing and dozens of people talking.

“Very Impressive in my book!”

Zynsonix Audio Blog

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